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Dark, Edgy, Spicey Suzanne Rock

I love inviting authors to the Passion Sense blog, reading about their books and their writing life. Today we have Suzanne Rock (check out her website. Click HERE) She's a New Englander which is one of my favorite places. I have family in Vermont and Massachusetts. And visit the Cape (Cape Cod) often.

  A lifetime New Englander, Suzanne married her college sweetheart and has been with him for over twenty years. Every summer she drags her husband and two daughters to Maine on a quest for the perfect lobster dinner. Every fall she can be found down in Foxboro, Massachusetts cheering on her favorite football team. In between those trips, she’s a chauffeur, a maid, a chef, an event planner, a hairdresser, a wardrobe stylist, a tutor and a sometimes masseuse. To keep her sanity, she often drinks copious amounts of coffee and stares at the blank screen of her laptop, dreaming of great adventures. Sometimes she even writes them down for others to enjoy.

Interview with Suzanne Rock:

- What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Don’t ever give up. This business can be very hard and get your down at times. Don’t let it get to you. Instead, surround yourself with supportive friends and family who will get you through the good and bad times. Above all – keep writing!

- If you could write another genre other than romance what would you write?

- Are you seat of the pants writer or plotter?

When I first started writing, I was a “seat of your pants” type of girl. I had the opening scene in my head, but not much else. It never worked for me. The story always seemed to wander around and lack a certain cohesiveness. Now I’m a plotter. Once I have an idea, I write a chapter by chapter outline and then follow it. This seems to work much better for me. It also works better for my editors who often require a synopsis with my first chapters.

- Do you write full time or work outside of the home?

I do a variety of job from the home. In addition to writing erotic romance under Suzanne Rock, I also am the social media coordinator for Pink Petal Books and I teach beginning writing classes online ( Next year, I hope to launch a mainstream romance pen name who will write contemporary romance and romantic suspense. I’m not 100% sure of the name yet, but it will be linked with the Suzanne Rock name.

- A lot of people think that genre hopping isn’t a good idea. What do you think?

It depends. It all comes down to branding and strengthening your brand. While I recognize the need for some writers to write outside their chosen genre to stay fresh, as a reader, I want to know what I’m getting. When you buy a Christine Feehan, you know you will get a great paranormal romance. Tielle St. Claire also writes paranormal romance, but she writes erotic. Their books are very different and I have different expectations of each. I expect to find BDSM in a Cherise Sinclair novel and suspense from Allison Brennon. When I’m looking to read a certain type of book, I look for a certain type of author. If your writing is all over the place, then I’ll be less likely to pick up your book because I have no idea if I’m getting a romantic comedy or a paranormal thriller.

Having said that, I don’t think a writer should stay in one genre indefinitely, because the chance for burnout is great. If you feel the need to write in other genres, then manage different pen names to keep the branding separate. Don’t spread yourself too thin, however. The more pen names you have, the harder it is to build an audience under any one name because your time is so divided.

- Are you an outgoing person?

Absolutely not! I’m hopelessly introverted. I think most writers are.

- Do you have any favorite movies?

I love old movies like Casablanca and the God Father. My book, Spyder’s Web, is sort of film noir. The hero, James, is a compilation of James Dean and Humphrey Bogart, two of my favorite old Hollywood actors.

-Do you write a novel straight through? Or revise as you go? Plan a whole series in advance? Or does the series evolve?

I have to do what is called “fast draft,” otherwise I’ll never finish a story. I’ll take my time plotting, then write as fast as I can until I reach “the end.” The manuscript normally needs 2-3 editing passes before it’s ready for the world to see.

Sometimes I plot out a series, as in the Immortal Hungers Series, but most of the time, the series just evolves.

- What’s next?

Right now, I’m planning on finishing up some series that I have started. I’m currently writing the sixth and final installment of the Ecstasy Spa series. Then I’ll switch and write the next two books in the Small Town Seduction series sequels to A Little Bit Reckless). Then I’ll work on finishing the Warlock Mating Chronicles. Hopefully I’ll have all of these series complete by the end of January.

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- Do your books have a particular theme or premise?

All of my books are about characters who struggle between doing what is expected of them, and doing what they feel in their heart is right. They don’t quite fit the mold society has placed on them and long to be their true selves. My books hopefully inspire people to stay true to themselves and follow their hearts.

-For fun. What is your favorite kind of chocolate or chocolate dessert? (I love chocolate covered cherries)

I love chocolate covered espresso beans. I once ate a whole bag. I was up all night, lol.
Blurb for Pressure Point:

When Blake and Drew ask Elsie to have some fun with them at the Ecstasy Spa holiday party, she seizes the opportunity to forget about the pressures of her job and personal life. She has always had a crush on both men and knows that they are dating, so she expects nothing more than the one-night stand they offer her. Blake and Drew have other plans however. Together the men fulfill her every torrid dream, bringing her to heights she never thought possible. They want to make their fling more permanent, but doing so could cost them all their jobs. Should Elsie risk her livelihood for a chance to make her dreams come true?

Are you two dating? I mean, I know it’s none of my business, but I’m curious. I guess you must be dating. Why else would you be kissing in the men’s locker room, where there are no clients?” Elsie asked.

Blake shrugged and moved closer, effectively trapping her in the back of the coatroom. “I don’t know. You tell me.”

Elsie shifted her gaze from one man to the other. “Not that the two of you dating bothers me. Not at all. Whatever you two do outside of the spa isn’t any concern of mine.”

Drew brushed a stray hair from her face and caught her gaze. “We work together to please clients, Elsie. Nothing more.”

Elsie tried hard not to lean into his touch. Drew was solid, dependable. She had always felt like he’d provide the perfect foundation to any relationship.

“The truth is that we love women.” Blake brushed his fingers along her waist. His touch was different than Drew’s. It felt gentler, more apprehensive.

“We love how soft they feel.” Drew slid his fingers down the side of her cheek, creating a path of fire along her skin.

“How curvy they are.” Blake stepped closer and slipped his hand around the small of her back. Elsie felt like a captured animal. Her heart beat faster, and her breath quickened. Heat blossomed in her core and quickly spread through her entire body.

Elsie glanced from one man to the other. “I thought you two were in a committed relationship. At least, that was what Jenna said earlier. How could you be in a committed relationship and still have sex with women?”

Blake slid his fingers up her back and toyed with the end of her zipper. “Good question. Perhaps a committed relationship means different things to different people.”

Drew ran his thumb across her lower lip, drawing her gaze toward him. “Does it really matter what our relationship is like? All that matters is that we love women.”

“We love sharing women.” Blake tightened his grip around her waist and moved her until she stood in front of him. Elsie widened her eyes as he pressed his swollen cock into her ass.

“The thing is, we want you, Elsie,” Drew said.

“We’ve wanted you ever since we first laid eyes on you.” Blake eased his hands down around her hips and held her steady as he pressed his hard cock deeper into her ass.

“We wanted to tell you,” Drew said. “We were waiting for when the time was right.” He shifted his gaze down to her lips and leaned forward. “I guess that time is now.”

“But Celeste—”

“Elsie.” Drew flicked his gaze up to meet hers. “Forget about Jenna, Celeste and any rumors that may be circulating about us. That is all hearsay. This is real…”
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