Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What is it about Twitter that’s so addicting? I think partly because it’s a fun and easy way to network and socialize. For someone like me who’s usually three steps behind the masses when it comes to a new social network, a new computer program or the latest gadget, Twitter didn’t take long for me to get started.

I’m certainly far from an expert and I’m still learning more and more while I mostly fumble around, lurk some, Tweet a little and feel my way through twitterverse. Recently, I decided to do some research about “following”. Why some tweeple have tons of followers and others don’t. I found numerous posts and blogs on this. I’ll share what I found and my own thoughts. Here are a few tips:

If you’re wondering why people are NOT following you on Twitter, maybe you’re using it wrong.

  • Is your Profile incomplete? Post a picture of something, even if it’s not your face. What do you do? Where do you live? (Not your exact street address) and do you have a website or blog URL posted?
  • Are you ALWAYS talking about yourself? Talking about the mundane things in your life isn’t necessarily bad. After all, when you first meet people for the first time, let’s say at a conference, what do you talk about? The weather, the traffic, food in the hotel, the speaker or workshops, clothes, other people, etc. If you can make those topics interesting and entertaining, even better. People usually want to know things that relate to them. For instance, they may not care if you just cooked dinner unless you give a link to a fabulous recipe. Twitter is a social network so you will talk about yourself, but maybe not all the time.
  • Then there’s the other extreme: Are you presenting yourself as a business, or as a person? On the other extreme, no one likes to be spammed. We like to talk to people. Entertain, inform, and be social while sometimes promoting your business.
  • Are you on a following frenzy? People look at the “following” to “followers” ratio. If you’re following 1500 people but only 50 people are following you, you may be guilty of this. This is a red flag that someone is looking to spam. Start a conversation, be social and people will follow you.
  • Are your tweets negative and whiny? Whining and complaining turns people off—No brainer here—and can spiral into arguments.
  • Always lurking, never Tweeting? Well, get out there and tweet. Reply to someone's tweet. RT (Re-tweet) someone's tweet that you found interesting. Brag about some else's accomplishments.

    The Right Way to Tweet:
    There should be a balance between the types of Tweets you do: Informative, Social or Communicative, and Retweeting. Retweeting and copying another person’s Tweet whether it’s a Tweet of information (Announcing a book signing or workshop) or social/communication (interesting and fun stuff) and sending it out again so your followers can see it.

    It’s a good idea to have about an even number radio of Followers versus those you Follow.
    Give Twitter a try if you haven’t already. You can follow me at

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