Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hot Movies and Cool Nights

My dh came into my office the other night and said, “The leaves are falling already.” I told him, “No, put them back!” I’m not ready to give summer up yet. The 95 degree weather has given way to cool breezy 60 degrees. I do love fall and the fall colors. I think about baking apple pies, apple crisp, apple anything. As the nights become too cool to sit out on our porch, watching movies become the option.

I love movies. All kinds from old classics, action-adventure, SciFi, suspense, comedies, some scary (not overly gross scary), and sexy/romantic movies are some of favorites.

I started compiling a list of the ultra sexy flicks and would love to hear from you for suggestions. A few favorites that come to mind are DECEPTION with Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor and Michelle Williams. An “accidental” switch of cell phones draws McGregor into an ultra wealthy and secret sex club called “The List”. What seems like a happy accident for McGregor turns into murder and corporate embezzlement.
WILD ORCHID, an older flick, but one of my favs is a fun, sexy movie with Mickey Rouke (when he was still hot), Jacqueline Bisset, and Carre Otis. It’s a sultry, erotic story set in Rio de Janeiro. I like exotic settings. It’s a tangle of raw sensuality and emotions.
BODY HEAT with William Hurt and Kathleen Turner. Again sex and murder makes for a classic, sultry and compelling combination.
BASIC INSTINCT- Very hot and suspenseful with twists and turns with Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas. Sharon Stone had a run of a few sexy flicks: SLIVER and BASIC INSTINCT 2. And Michael Douglas had FATAL ATTRACTION.

So these are just a few movies to keep you warm on the chilly nights. What are your favorite ultra sexy flicks??

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Darah Lace said...

Hi Kathy, great subject. One movie that gets me all hot and bothered is Original Sin with Antonio Banderas and Angeline Jolie. Sssssssizzling!

Kathy Kulig said...

Hi Darah, Ohh, I'm trying to remember if I've seen that one. I'll have to add it to my list. 9 1/2 Weeks is another steamy one. There are a number of ones out there. Thanks.