Monday, January 4, 2010


My novel DAMNED AND DESIRED releasing on Wednesday 01/06/10 at Ellora’s Cave has demons and shapeshifters and an alternative universe. I did some interesting research for this book including quantum physics, the vortexes of Sedona, Arizona, and Native American mysticism.

Quantum physics is science, mostly. The theory of vortexes is usually considered supernatural phenomenon. But both talk about earth’s forces of electricity, magnetism and electromagnetism. Vortexes are said to be spiraling sources of energy. These energies can be electrical, magnetic or electromagnetic. Sedona has a large concentration of vortexes using a variety of these three energies. Other locations where vortexes are said to be found include: the Persian Gulf, Mount Calvary, Bermuda Triangle, Ayers Rock in Australia, Devil’s Tower in Wyoming and Glastonbury Tor in Somerset, England. There are others.

Cairns at the Cathedral vortex

So what are these vortexes suppose to do? I’m not exactly sure. I asked a number of people when I visited Sedona and never got a straight answer. They pretty much said you have to experience them for yourself. Hmmm. I’ve read a couple books on the subject and I’m still perplexed. Some people swear they can sense or see the energies. One book said they can expand your consciousness, have healing capabilities, are entrances to other dimensions, and sightings for UFOs.

My Dh and I hiked around several of these vortexes. One, Cathedral Rock, is a gorgeous site. Can’t say I felt any energy. But we met some interesting and nice people along the way.

Below Cathedral Rock

Anyway, I found the mystical setting and the beautiful scenery the perfect setting for my series Demons in Exile. The material I read in quantum physics(tiny amount) and information on vortexes sparked ideas for my novel. Here’s another excerpt from my new release DAMNED AND DESIRED:

Aiming the flashlight around the area, he looked for tracks, footprints—human or animal. He saw both. “They were here.”
“Seen enough?” she asked.
He looked toward another group of rocks. “Let’s check that out.”
“This place doesn’t feel right.”
He didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable or scared but his instincts told him there was something here that needed to be investigated.
“Sakari, what aren’t you telling me?”
She didn’t answer.
“All right. I’m telling you. There’s nothing for you to worry about. I need to change one more time and then I promise we’ll go.”
“Brad, no! It’s not safe.”
Brad threw the pelt over his shoulders defiantly and immediately shifted into the leopard. Something was here and he was going to find out what if she wouldn’t tell him. In animal form, he felt that magnetic pull like he had before. With his senses more keen to the environment, his hackles stood out sensing danger. Could it be an electrical storm in the area? He glanced up at the night sky and saw brilliant stars. Not tonight.
Then he heard a scream and smelled the animal before he heard the yip and snarl of another predator.
Spinning around, he crouched in position ready to lunge at his attacker. Coyote leapt onto him with more forced than he’d expect from a skinny animal. The leopard had to out weigh him by eighty pounds or so.
Claws dug into his shoulders and teeth dug into his foreleg. He yelped in pain then rolled and let his weight force Coyote to release him. He knocked the coyote down with his wide paws. Powerful teeth clamped onto the coyote’s back, but the sly creature wrenched free and pinned him on the ground. jaws tight around his throat. In any moment, his throat would be ripped out.
Brad slipped out of his leopard form and felt the teeth of the Coyote at his throat. Son of a bitch.
“Stop it, Dante!”
Coyote was caught off guard and released his grip, gazing down at him. Brad focused and managed to shift again. With his hind legs, the leopard maneuvered in a position and again rolled on top of Coyote. His assailant was powerful and strong but the leopard had muscle and weight on his side.
“Stop it, now! Both of you!” Sakari cried.
Then the leopard sensed another predator. While he had Coyote pinned on the ground, he heard a shriek and saw the flash of wings. He looked up.
A falcon swooped down, talons extended and knocked him off Coyote.
Scrambling to his feet, Coyote prepared to attack the leopard and as he leapt in the air to do so, the falcon swooped down again and clipped Coyote on the ear with its sharp talons. He yipped and rolled away. The leopard started to attack Coyote, then saw the futility of it as the falcon swiftly circled and aimed for him. He backed off.
Both Coyote and the leopard kept their distance to avoid further attacks by the third adversary and occasionally glanced at the falcon overhead. Finally, the falcon landed between them and Sakari appeared, naked and beautiful, her chest heaving as she attempted to catch her breath. She glared at them with a deep frown as if daring them to start fighting again.
“Are you two finished with your pissing contest?”

Release date: 01/06/10 at Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 978 14199 24699


Nina Pierce said...

We just got back from a trip to Sedona in early December. I can't say I felt much of the vortex stuff either but it was fun listening to people talk about it.

Here's to many happy sales for Damned and Desired.

Kathy Kulig said...

Thanks Nina. And I just saw the cover. Very cool, I'll be posting it shortly.