Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Falling in Love is Worth the Wait -Hot Novellas Collection

With the lineup of authors in this sexy romantic collection of novellas, it’s easy to see why this will be an auto-buy for me! So many of my favorite authors and author friends who I can highly recommend.
Coming September 22.
The amazing Syneca Featherstone has done the cover. I looove her work. And can’t wait to add this one to my Kindle.
Lynn LaFleur is my very good friend so I’m going to talk about her story: Worth the Wait
BLURB: Past relationships that ended in heartbreak have left Lindsay Cunningham ready to give up on men altogether. She’d always waited for the men to ask her out, believing women shouldn’t be pushy. That changes the evening of her thirtieth birthday, when she has dinner at her favorite restaurant and bar with girlfriends. Tired of constantly being meek, she approaches the sexy bartender and offers him a wild night of uninhibited sex.

The night is much more than simply sex for Sam McKeifer. He wants a future with Lindsay. Unfortunately, he has no idea how to find her when he awakes the next morning and discovers she’s left.
With help from two of his employees, Sam finds Lindsay. Now he has to help her tear down the walls that surround her bruised heart. Only then will she realize true love is worth the wait.
(Previously published as One Thing to Give. The set also contains stories by Suz DeMello, Tina Donahue, Ann Jacobs, Ari Thatcher, PJ Alderman, KyAnn Waters, and Kathryn Lively.)
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He took a key ring from his pocket, unlocked the door. She caught a glimpse of cases of liquor on shelves since he left the door ajar a few inches.
I wonder what he’d do if I went in there with him, closed the door, and attacked him?
Lindsay took a sip of her fresh Coke. As if she’d ever do anything like that. She couldn’t possibly consider having sex with a man when their entire conversation had consisted of less than ten sentences.
But then, why not?
Lindsay had never been shy, but she considered herself conservative. She’d never had sex with a man on the first date. She’d never asked a man out, believing he should be the one to take the first step. Her girlfriends all called her old-fashioned and said she should move into the twenty-first century where women had no problem asking a man out.
Maybe she should. Maybe it was time for her to do something she’d never done, something totally out of her character.
Lindsay unzipped her purse and peeked inside at the three condoms her girlfriend, Rita Moore, had pushed across the table at dinner. The four women had been talking about sex—one of Rita’s favorite topics—and she had calmly laid the condoms on the table with instructions for Lindsay to “use them.”
Her other friends had giggled while Lindsay quickly scooped them up and stuck them in her purse, mortified that Rita had done that in a public place. Yet, she’d also been intrigued by the thought of picking up a man she’d just met and having wild, uninhibited sex.
Glancing toward the bar, she saw that Sam had returned to work. She felt a strong attraction to him, no doubt of that. And the way he’d looked at her when he brought her the Coke made her believe he felt an attraction, too.
So, what’s stopping you, Lindsay?
Sam no longer being in the storeroom, for one thing. She couldn’t very well start tearing off his clothes with customers watching their every move.
Lindsay looked at her watch. Eleven-twenty. A few people remained in the bar, but the restaurant had finally emptied except for two couples. The Saloon closed at midnight. She had forty more minutes left of her birthday. She wanted it to end with a special present.
She wanted it to end with Sam inside her.


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