Wednesday, April 29, 2015

LURING LISA, Lynn LaFleur's Latest SEXY New Release!!

LURING LISA, book 4 in Lynn LaFleur's Anything Goes series is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Lynn's books are always an auto buy for me. And this is her 49th book!!

Series: Anything Goes, Book 4
Publisher: Lynn LaFleur
Release Date: April 28, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-51309-762-6
Genre: Contemporary MF, FF, and FFM
Length: Novella
Cover Design by Lynn LaFleur

EXCERPTKade smiled his thanks at the clerk and picked up the tray. As he headed back to the table, his gaze met Lisa’s. Something hit him in the center of his chest, a feeling he’d never experienced. No stranger to physical love, he’d known desire many times. He’d touched several women in his life. He’d held them in his arms, whispered soft words to them, become one with them with his body, but never with his heart. Love had never found him.

He wondered if the strange feeling in his chest meant he could fall for Lisa.

Mentally shaking his head at the ridiculous thought, Kade continued to the table. A person didn’t fall in love at first sight, no matter what the romantics said. It took time to build a relationship…time he rarely had since he traveled so much.

“I bought a couple of the chocolate-filled croissants, too, since they looked so good.”

He liked how she smiled in delight. “You must know the way to woo a woman is through chocolate.”

“Or maybe lure her into submission.”

He bobbed his eyebrows in a playful leer, which made her laugh. “I doubt if you have any trouble getting women to do your every bidding.”

He sputtered out a laugh. “’Tis a nice thing for you to say, but I’m far from having women do my every biddin’.” He rubbed his chin while he thought back to his last date. It shocked him to realize he couldn’t remember when that happened.

The family business, while keeping his bank account healthy, did little to help him in the relationship department.

He sipped his coffee while watching Lisa unwrap her breakfast sandwich and take a bite. No long, dagger-like fingernails for her. Medium in length and painted a deep maroon, they almost matched the color of the sweater she wore with her black pants. Several silver chains in various lengths draped down the front of the sweater. Large, silver hoops decorated her earlobes.

With her oval face, high cheekbones, straight nose, and full lips, she had to be, without a doubt, one of the loveliest women he’d ever seen.

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