Sunday, January 11, 2015

#Steampunk Revelry! Coffeetime Romance

The strange and beautiful disasters of steampunk are happening at Coffeetime Romance Steampunk blog on January 14th —automatons gone wild, mad scientists who want to take over the world, denizens of the deep seas sinking ships, even solar storms that threaten to destroy the earth as in BURNED DEEP, and more, but don’t worry dear reader there will be plenty of time to give out some great PRIZES!!

I’ll be talking about some of these disasters seen in the steampunk genre, including the one in my book: BURNED DEEP, an erotic futuristic with elements of steampunk where a solar superstorm is threatening an underground city of scholars and scientists and those living in the overcities on the surface.

Here’s the blurb:
When a devastating solar storm is predicted, Celia escapes her privileged life as a baron’s daughter in the underground city of Threshold to find her brother. Outside on a harsh, savage surface, she meets Ethan, a daring inventor, who offers to help her. Seized by their fierce attraction, Ethan and Celia are swept into a passionate liaison, but soon plunge into unexpected trouble. As the solar storm approaches, Celia discovers Threshold is targeted for takeover. And Ethan, the man who is stealing her heart, is at the center of the planned invasion. How can Ethan promise the woman he loves a future if he doesn’t know if there will be one at all?

Here’s what we’ll be giving away, so make sure you stop by and sign up on the Rafflecopter!!:

Burned Deep is available now. If you like a sexy adventure, futuristic, dystopian with steampunk elements, check this book out now!

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See you at Coffeetime Steampunk Blog on the 14th. Good luck on winning!

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