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Taste of Bliss by Lynn LaFleur HOT Wolf Shifter

Taste of Bliss, my second wolf shapeshifter book, was so much fun to write. I always enjoy adding a touch of paranormal to my books, so anytime I get the chance to do that, I’ll take it.

Taste of Bliss picks up where “The Right Number” in the NightShift anthology left off. You’ll meet Mackenzie, Roni’s sister, and Ty, the man who steals Mac’s heart. There is also mention of Roni’s and Mac’s other four siblings. Yes, they will all have their own book, part of my Moon’s Magic series.
Taste of Bliss
Book 2 of the Moon's Magic Series
Published by: Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Release Date: June 13, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-41994-842-8
Genre: Contemporary Shapeshifter
Wolves are disappearing from Tyrus Chamberlain's pack. Not having any luck in finding the wolves on his own, he turns to a security company for help. Expecting a man named Mac to arrive, he's shocked to meet a woman named Mackenzie instead. He falls into instant lust with her, something that hasn't happened to him since his wife died.
Mackenzie lost her husband three years ago and has no interest in another relationship. Yet the call of the wolf inside her knows Ty is meant for her. She can resist him for only so long until her wolf has to be satisfied. Their passion is explosive, their lovemaking everything they both fantasized it could be.
But a kidnapper is still on the loose, threatening more wolves and Mackenzie. Ty will risk everything—even his own life—to protect the members of his pack and the woman he loves.

Here’s a little “taste” of Taste of Bliss. I hope you enjoy it!

* * *

A noise outside drew her attention away from her need and back to the world beyond her bedroom. Mac thought it sounded like the garage door opening and closing, but that couldn’t be possible. The digital clock read 9:43. Surely Ty wouldn’t be home so early from his date, not on the night of a full moon.

Another noise from inside the house made her act. She whimpered when she tugged on the dildo. Her channel clenched around it, as if it didn’t want to let go. She rose from the bed and slipped on the oversized T-shirt she’d placed on the nearby chair. After placing the dildo on the bathroom counter, she opened her door and peered into the living room. Ty stood in the middle of the room, his back to her, his head lowered. She watched his back rise and fall rapidly from his heavy breaths.

“Fuck,” he muttered softly.

Suddenly his head snapped up and jerked to the side, snaring her gaze with his over his shoulder. He slowly turned around until he faced her. She swallowed at the look of hunger on his face.

“Go back to bed, Mackenzie.” His voice came out in a husky growl. He clenched and unclenched his fists at his sides.

She should. She should shut the door right now. Ty would never enter her bedroom without an invitation. He’d kept his promise about nothing personal happening between them since she’d started staying with him.

Instead she opened it wider and took a step outside the room.

“Mackenzie. Unless you want to get royally fucked, I suggest you go back in that room and close the door.”

Oh God, getting royally fucked sounds so good. She winced as her pussy clenched.

Eyes widening in concern, Ty took a step closer to her. “Are you all right?”

“Yes. No.” She crossed her arms over her stomach. “It’s the full moon, Ty. You know I’m not all right.”

He took another step, then stopped. Mac looked at the fly of his black pants. Seeing the large bulge there made her pussy clench again. Apparently whoever he went out with tonight hadn’t completely satisfied him.

She inhaled deeply, noting he didn’t have the scent of a woman clinging to him. Perhaps he’d gone out but hadn’t had sex. That didn’t make sense. The whole purpose of dating the night of the full moon would be for sex.

His nostrils flared as his gaze touched every part of her body before returning to her face. “You just came.”

Mac nodded, unable to speak past the desire in her throat.

“Jesus, Mackenzie.” He covered his face with his hands, ran them up into his hair. “You make it really difficult for me to be a gentleman.”

“Maybe I don’t want you to be a gentleman.”

* * *

Taste of Bliss is available now from Ellora’s Cave. More information is available on my website.

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Really check out Lynn's books page! She is an amazing writer. I'm one of her biggest fans. :)

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