Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beyond Your Darkest Desires, Kathy Kulig’s New Do

It was time for a change, a makeover, an update, and I’m loving the new look. My website got a makeover. My writing has evolved and I wanted something to convey that change. I’m still writing hot, sexy and emotionally charged stories, but now I’m hitting the edgier side with more BDSM themes and entering new paranormal worlds The new stories I’m working on didn’t quite seem to fit the old site. Some have BDSM and some don’t. Most are paranormal with a few contemporaries. Check out my website and tell me what you think? The fabulous and amazing web designer Rae Monet ( did the work. I highly recommend her.

The new sensual and classy couple on the website says it all. Thanks to the handsome Jimmy Thomas at  for the hot design. Can’t go wrong with a Jimmy photo from RNC. ((sigh)) Okaaay, turn up the AC, it’s getting warm in here.

Readers love the BDSM stories and have asked for more. I enjoy writing them, so expect to see more. (My editor has one now). Readers wanted to know what’s next, so I’m keeping you all in the loop. Look for BDSM and paranormal erotic romance. (The paranormal may, or may not, have BDSM elements)

I’m frequently asked where do I get my ideas. The quick answer is everywhere. But my best inspiration comes to me while traveling. Recently, I went to New Hope, PA for a get-away weekend with dh to research a new paranormal erotic series. We stayed in an 1833 B&B said to be haunted. No, I didn’t see any ghosts, but this village on the Delaware River will be the perfect setting for the stories I plan to write. I outlined two and started world building.

Don’t want to give more details until I start submitting the books because I don’t want to jinx myself. I’ll keep you posted.
Setting for next paranormal series:
Canal with towpath, New Hope, Pa
Street in New Hope, Pa
Cool old houses from 1700s and 1800s



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