Sunday, January 20, 2013

10 Ways to Meet Hot Guys, #Dating #Romance

10 Ways to Meet Hot Guys, #Dating, #Romance

Do you feel that men misrepresent themselves on those dating sites? Does the idea of getting back into the dating world after several years sound as enticing as getting a root canal? The dating world at any age can be challenging and frustrating. Here are 10 suggestions, and maybe a few extras.

1.           One of the best ways to meet guys is through friends or coworkers. Ask around if they know someone. Check through your friends Facebook page. If you find a single guy on their page, ask your friend about them. Is his profile private? Ask to be introduced. Since FB isn’t an online dating site, the pressure is off. It’ll give you a chance to chat and get to know each other first.

2.           Keep informed on current events. Seriously. CNN, NPR, MSNBC, etc. Subscribe to for an quick breakdown of the week’s hot news stories. Smart in-the-know girls are appealing to men. Makes it easy to start up a conversation too.

3.           Tweet a date. Send a Tweet that you’re meeting friends at a popular pub. “Tell your followers”. You may get to meet new people and have something to talk about if you follow #2.

4.           Don’t be afraid to go to a movie, sushi bar, coffee shop, etc. alone. Why? Men are put off by a pack of women. But a friendly looking, happy woman alone is more open and approachable. Hang out at a Starbucks with your laptop, take a walk in a park.

5.           Party invitation solo? Yes! Don’t turn down an opportunity to meet people like going to a party because you’re alone. Same holds for going to a wedding.

6.           Get active. Join a hiking, biking, or other sport club or team. Learn to scuba dive. You may not meet someone on the team but the people you’re with may KNOW single men.

7.           Take a class. Local colleges offer adult education classes on all kinds of topics. Pick something that you think men might enjoy. (Probably not How to Knit scarves) Libraries also have lectures.

8.           If you still want to try online dating. There are other offbeat site. Glamour magazine suggests you search: Online dating plus your favorite hobby. Some examples: (geek to geek). (for intellectual singles). (pet lovers).

9.           Increase your circle of female friends. Women are natural matchmakers and you can never have too many friends.

10.        Sporting events. Small local ones. Men have softball leagues. Check out the local games and baseball diamonds in your area.

11.        Comedy or acting classes. If you’re the outgoing type. If not, try a scriptwriting class, or film making class.

12.        Business conferences and seminars. Improve your own working skills while meeting new people and potential dates.

13.        Sci-Fi conventions. These might the slightly geeky type if that’s okay.

14.        Car or boat shows. Easy way to start a conversation: “Hey, nice car.”

Please share your suggestions. Dating can be fun but it does take time, patience and a good sense of humor doesn’t hurt. Keep positive. Many times that special someone appears when you least expect it.


Cassandra Carr said...

You didn't include "Attend EC Romanticon" in that list. :-P

Kathy Kulig said...

LOL, Cassandra. That's true! Not sure if the Cavemen are looking for dates but they're nice to look at. :)