Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sizzling Hot Review for Spring Break

I had to share a fabulous review for SPRING BREAK by Sizzling Hot Book Reviews. 4 Hearts

Mariko Maguire isn't in Fort Lauderdale to experience spring break or so she tells herself after she meets the charming Justin Watkins. Justin is on spring break but he is only in town to keep an eye out for his college students. Spring break can make a young adult do thing that they wouldn't normal do and most of those cases involve something dangerous. Justin knows this only too well. A chance meeting brings them together and when an adult club called TropiX is mentioned, Mariko can only hope to have the spring break she missed out on.

Spring break beyond your wildest fantasies? If Justin Watkins can stop watching over his college students like Big Brother, he might convince the prim-and-proper Mariko Maguire to be his sex partner at the invitation-only adult club called TropiX. Mariko is in Fort Lauderdale on business, trying to secure new clients for her PR firm. Abandoning prior commitments for one wickedly lustful evening—a one-night stand of kinky sex—was not on her agenda. Carter Bosworth is looking for an evening of sex games during his layover in the tropical playground. He’s a regular at TropiX and always open for a new thrill. His plans are sidetracked, but it may be to his benefit after all when he meets the beautiful Mariko. The potent heat developing between Justin and Mariko tempts her into shedding her inhibitions, and an exploration in eroticism beyond her imagination develops at the fetish club
Mariko is in town for a conference and not only does she skip out on the spring break actives taking place she also takes her drinks virgin. She notices a card with the name TropiX on it that sparks her interest and wonders what exactly it is. After a few interesting events brings Justin Watkins to sit next to her, he and his friends bring up the same club she was just thinking about. Apparently, Justin would be interested in escorting her only to party the night away. Mariko thinks about the spring break that she never had and thinks that this is her second chance but Mariko will almost always put business before pleasure.

Justin Watkins is a professor and only comes to Fort Lauderdale during spring break to watch over his students and all the other college aged kids that come looking for fun and find a nightmare. When he sees Mariko Maguire through all the college goers, Justin can only think about getting her to go to TropiX with him and his friends. After he finally get permission to sit next to her at the bar, he extends an invite to the exclusive club. Marko tells him she has a business dinner but if she can get away she will try to make it. Justin can only hope that Mariko is true to her word.

Carter Bosworth is looking forward to an evening with his girlfriend at TropiX during a layover in Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately, a pilot’s unpredictable schedule can ruin a relaxing weekend and his girlfriend is called back into work. Even though Carter's plans have been, for the most part, cancelled, he goes to TropiX alone. There he meets the intriguing, naive, and beautiful Mariko.

Spring Break is deliciously sweet and steamy. After all, there should never be a dull moment at spring break and Kathy Kulig doesn't disappoint. Even before Mariko is introduced to TropiX, Carter provides a few heated scenes with his girlfriend. If you are looking for more of an emotional bond, Justin and Markio provide a connection with each other that seems to mean more than just a great night at TropiX. Spring break is known for its heat, spontaneous adventures and showing skin and you will get all of this in Kathy Kulig's Spring Break as well.


Amber Skyze said...

Congrats Kathy! This is in my TBR pile for this summer. :)

Kathy Kulig said...

Thanks so much Amber. I have a huge TBR pile. I'm tempted to bring books/Nook on vacation this year instead of my laptop and catch up reading.