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Interview with Denise A. Agnew

I'm so glad to have author Denise A. Agnew as a guest. She's a talented author and a very nice lady. Denise A. Agnew. She's an award-winning author and has recieved Top Pick from Romantic Times magazine. She writes for Samhain, Ellora's Cave and Liquid Silver Books. Her books are suspenseful, erotic, edgy, thrilling, romantic and adventurous. What more could you want?



-Tell us a little about the book and where did you get the idea to write this story.

Before The Dawn is set in 1850 Pennsylvania and features a high-society heroine who lost her virtue and self-respect, and an Irish American hero just released from Eastern State Pen. He’d been framed for a murder he didn’t commit. One day I was watching a ghost hunting program about Eastern State Pen and started forming all these ideas. Everyone who went into Eastern State Pen was in solitary confinement. I wanted a hero who could come out of that situation without having gone bonkers, although he obviously has some issues. It was a great time writing that book!

- What’s the best and worst part of being a writer?

The joy of creating stories is the best part. Dealing with self-doubt, creative slumps, and a persnickety publishing world is the worst part.

- What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

No matter what people tell you, there isn’t one right way to write a book. Learn your craft, but then don’t be afraid to break the rules and write what makes you happiest. Don’t follow the trends because it’s a trend. Follow the book of your heart.

- Are you seat of the pants writer or plotter?

Seat of the pants most definitely.

- Have any of your titles ever been changed from your original choice?

Yes. But it was usually a better fit for the book.

- Do you have a character in one of your books that continues to haunt you at night or surprised you when you wrote the book?

The serial killer in Treacherous Wishes and Jack The Ripper in Dark, Deadly Love.

- Which actor screams SEXY to you?

I can only pick one? Darn! Okay, I’ll pick one off the top of my head. Daniel Craig.

- A lot of people think that genre hopping isn’t a good idea. What do you think?

It depends on what a writer wants for their career. Genre-hopping is the only thing I can do and be happy. I can’t write in one avenue of romance and write good books. My mind and my writing won’t stay fresh that way. A lot of other writers don’t sound fresh or interesting anymore either when they write the same genre within romance all of the time. But then I’m not conventional. What I need to keep me functioning and happy isn’t the same as it is for most authors. Authors risk alienating readers when they don’t stick to one genre because many readers prefer writers to stay in a certain groove. At the end of the day, though, if I’m not happy writing the end product won’t satisfy the reader. So I have to write what blows my skirt up.

- Do you have any favorite movies?

Tons! Two favorites are The Mummy and Gladiator (the one staring Russell Crowe.)

- Is there an author you feel your writing style is somewhat similar to?

No. I hope not. J

Before the Dawn by Denise A. Agnew

Before the Dawn

From Samhain

From Amazon


A fallen woman must decide to stay down, or rise and fight…

Elijah McKinnon has been found innocent of a heinous murder, but it doesn’t erase the hellish years in prison he endured. He boards the train to Pittsburgh a changed man, certain he will never feel free until he’s wreaked revenge on the brother who ruined his life.

The passenger who catches his eye is intriguing, but he’s seen her kind before. The kind who puts on airs—and looks down on Irishmen. Still, he can’t seem to stop himself from stepping between her and a pack of ruthless cads.

Mary Jane Lawson is grateful for the handsome stranger’s help, but her journey has a higher purpose: to rise above her shattered reputation and declare her independence, come flood or famine. Propriety says she should refuse Elijah’s suggestion they pose as husband and wife—for her own protection, of course. Her practical side says it won’t hurt to pretend, just this once.

Come nightfall, though, their little charade must be carried all the way to shared sleeping quarters, where their vulnerabilities become painfully clear. And when danger past and present threatens, trusting each other becomes a matter of life and death.

* *

Product Warnings

A hot Irish accent mixed with high adventure may cause combustion. Beware of falling for this hunk. The heroine says he’s hers. 

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Enjoy!! Thanks for stopping by Denise.


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Wonderful interview and excerpt Denise. I couldn't agree more about Daniel Craig... ah.

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Hi Katalina, I have to agree about Daniel too. :) sigh. And the Denise's inteview and excerpt.