Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crystal Power

Research. Yes, a paranormal erotic romance author does research, lots of it. Recently, while working on my Demons in Exile series I had to do some more research on the properties of crystals. More specifically, how I can apply science, metaphysics and a little imagination to use crystals as a power source in Anartia, my alternative universe. I already use crystals in these stories for a power source but in the third book I needed to take it up a step.
The tentative title for the third book is Embrace the Damned. But as titles go, that can always change. The first book is Desert of the Damned and the second, Damned and Desired. For readers anxiously waiting for the third book, it’s almost completed (I have to torture my critique partners first) and yes, Dante is in it.
Crystals have been used since ancient times and can be found in folklore. Traditionally gemstones have been associated with the zodiac or the months of the year—birthstones. The great pyramids of Egypt are said to be built from cosmically charged cornerstone crystals. Theories about Atlantis mention the extensive use of crystals for dematerialization, teleportation, telekinesis, creating force fields and many other things.

Crystals and the New Age:

Crystal work much the same as lasers do. It takes scattered rays of energy and focuses the field in a single direction so tremendous force is generated. Crystals have the ability to amplify and absorb energies. Harnessing crystal energy is common in Metaphysics. Crystals are tools for the New Age practitioner. Crystals are used in healing, cleansing, during meditation, to absorb negative energies and entities and to align the body’s energy centers (chakras). Since crystals are thought to have a close affinity to earth, they are used to help ground people, or have a calming effect. Others not attuned to New Age beliefs may feel this is mind over matter or wishful thinking.

Crystals in Science and Technology:
Crystals have many scientific applications. They are used in acousto-optic devices, radio frequency drivers, optical scanners, wavelength filtering, lithium niobate wafers, optical circuit, etc. Quartz crystals resonators are used for precise frequency control. Crystals are used in watches, clocks, radios, computers and cellphones.

Optical Laser Crystal

Quartz crystals are extremely stable with time, temperature and other environmental changes. What better matter to use in my story for a miniature universe that travels through dimensions? Imagine the quartz crystal in your watch on mega steroids.
lithium niobate
Lithium Niobate crystal discs-capable of remembering an applied electric field, also sound.

Parallel resonance can occur by adding load capacitance to the crystal in series, resulting in a positive frequency shift…ah, nevermind. One rule for research for novels: Don’t add too much detail.

So when you read Embrace the Damned in its final chapters, you might remember the research I did for my alternative universe.
In the New:

*On Cave Chaos, Ellora’s Cave talk radio, Jaid Black and Lisa Marie Gray had another wild and hot hour this week. Check out the archived August 15th recording. Jaid Black and Susan Edwards plugs Damned and Desired and have a few nice words about my writing. Thank you ladies!! Great hour and talk about Psuedo – rape fantasies in fiction.
*If you like sexy demons and shapeshifters, Damned andDesired was up this week as a Value From the Vault for $.99

Do you wear crystal pendants? Do you think crystals have power or energy?


Katalina Leon said...

One of my favorite esoteric books on crystals, stones and metals is a chunky book full of everything you'd ever need to know about minerals called "Love Is In The Earth" (A Kaleidoscope of Crystals) by Melody.
As you can tell by the title it's not heavy reading but it is very informative.
Best wishes with the new books!

Kathy Kulig said...

Thanks Katalina. I'll check it out. I have crystals and stones all over my office and house. I can't tell you how many people have given me crystals as gifts over the years. I treasure them.