Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hot Summer Nights in New York City

As I’m scrambling with last minute packing for the RWA National convention in New York City from June 28-July 1, I’m also finishing a writing project to meet a deadline and deciding what to read for the Ravenous NightsRavenous Nights is a reading series celebrating erotic romance writers. It takes place the first Friday of every month in New York City and is sponsored by Ravenous Romance Publishing. Four erotic romance authors, including me, will be reading from our books. The reading will be on Friday July 1st from 8-10 p.m. at the Happy Ending Lounge, 302 Broome Street, New York, NY 10002 212-334-9676.

There's lots of buzz going on about this event in the city. Check these links out:

The authors reading are: Louisa Bacio, Gwen Masters, Daisy Harris and Kathy Kulig.
I know this is at the same time as the Rita/Golden Heart awards, but you can hear about the winners later if you’re interested in checking out some NYC nightlife in Chinatown. Door prizes will be given out too.

Louisa Bacio:  Louisa will be reading from her book: The Vampire, the Witch& the Werewolf: Threesome in New Orleans By Louisa Bacio

Blurb: Haunted by paranormal abilities that she can’t control, and plagued by nightmares about a demon that seeks her soul, Lily Anima travels to New Orleans in search of salvation.
In the French Quarter, Lily dives into the paranormal world and enlists the help of an unlikely couple: a vampire, Lawrence Justice, and a werewolf, Trevor Pack.
As the trio encounters ghosts, voodoo and unspeakable evil, will Trevor and Lawrence be able to help Lily turn her powers into a gift rather than a curse? And when Lily discovers that she needs to lose her virginity in order to embrace her powers and get the demon off her back, will the twosome be able to survive as a threesome?

Bio : Louisa Bacio enjoys soaking up the sun in Southern California, and spending time with her family. Sex University: All-Girls Academy also is available via Ravenous Romance.
For a short erotic paranormal tryst, “The Wait” can be found in Rekindled Fire: An Anthology of Reunited Lovers.

In addition to writing and editing, Bacio teaches college courses in English, journalism, film studies and popular culture. Drop in for a visit at

Gwen Masters:  Gwen wasn’t sure what she was going to read when I talked to her, but I’m sure it’ll be hot. She has several books out and one her readers love is One Breath at a Time. Her latest book, A Week in the Snow, (releases 6/27) at Total E-Bound.
A Week in the Snow
Bio: Gwen Masters has seen hundreds of her short stories published in print and online, and her erotic novels have been translated into half a dozen languages. When she's not writing smut, she is diving into research on interesting yet obscure topics, hopping a plane every few weeks, and masquerading as a serious news journalist. She splits her time between a home on the Georgia coast and a little place on the outskirts of Philadelphia. Check out Gwen at:

Daisy Harris: Daisy, too, will be making a last minute decision. When you have a number of awesome books, how do you choose? Her Ocean Shifter series is quite popular. She can’t go wrong with erotic paranormal—shapeshifters, deities, ménages, etc. (my favs). I’m sure we’ll be in for some great sexy scenes.

Mere Passion (Ocean Shifters #2)
Bio: Daisy wanted to be a fiction writer at 11, but first became a doctor and a medical writer then found fiction writing again. Currently, she writes for Siren, Ravenous and Ellora’s Cave. Visit her at:

Kathy Kulig: I’ll be reading from my latest release Emerald Dungeon, part of the 1-800-DOM-help author series.
Emerald Dungeon

See you in NYC!
And thank you to Lori Perkins and Debra Hyde for inviting me and hosting this event.


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Have a fun week! :)


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Hi Amber, Thanks. It'll be a crazy week. :)