Sunday, July 4, 2010

UFO or Hoax

On July 3th my husband and I were hanging out on our pool deck at about 10:30 pm. He was reading a book and I was on my computer. He looked up from his book and pointed to three or four red lights in the Northwest sky moving in a line toward the Northeast. Believe it or not, I had been Googling ‘UFOs—metal spheres with spiny projections’ (but that’s another story). And my husband was reading The Shimmer by David Morrell. This book is in line with Roswell with mysterious lights and an isolated research facility.

I shrugged and said, “They’re planes. ABE (Lehigh Valley International Airport) must be busy with flights for the holiday weekend.”

“Now look. And I don’t hear any planes. We usually hear them,” he argued.

I looked up and there were at least twenty of them. Some were in clusters and others in a line. They continued to move across the sky, and more came. “What are they?”

“Don’t know. They’re not planes.”

I ran inside and grabbed the camera.

A neighbor came out and he was checking out the red lights. He was stumped too.

[The photos didn't come out well but you can see faint dots of light above and to the right of my husband in the white tee-shirt]

The light show lasted about twenty minutes, and there were around 50 of them. I searched “red lights in the sky” on Google and found several instances—one in New Jersey six months ago that was never explained and also an incident in Ohio. One suggested it being a hoax, a prank. I know it wasn’t fireworks. They seemed to be moving about the speed of a small plane or helicopter. BUT, if someone wanted to do a prank, how would they do this? Searching around on the Internet I found one possibility which seems most logical for what we saw.

Tying red flares to small helium balloons and releasing them could work. Hopefully, the flares wouldn’t land and set anything on fire. But I guess the flares would go out before they landed. But if someone launched 50 of the fake UFOs, they would have to land sometime and someone would find the remains. Wouldn’t they? As much as I would like for them to be real UFOs, most likely this was a holiday prank.

[This photo I tried to inlarge a bit. I also tried a different setting (longer exposure) that's why you see the double image. I was probably shaking the camera.]

My husband was going to play a joke on my neighbor and make a foil hat to wear at the pool today. I shook my head. What is it with the foil hats? Don’t people know that if there are really extraterrestrials, their technology for probing minds would be advanced enough NOT to be stopped by mere foil hats?
My husband leaned back in his lawn chair and said, “You have to use Heavy Duty foil.”


Nina Pierce said...

But it is cool to think that it was extraterrestrials. And why wouldn't they show up when all the fireworks are going off ... they'd blend in better. Hmmmm

J Hali said...

I agree with Nina, what better time to make an appearance! Wonder what I'd do if one really showed up...hmmm!!

Cris Anson said...

I can just hear Joe's droll voice saying that very thing, Kathy. Hope you let us know if you ever discover what they were :-)

JohnnyPlankton said...

Maybe they wanted an autgraphed book?

Kathy Kulig said...

Someone on my Facebook suggested they could be Chinese lanterns. That's a possibility. Tho I still find it odd they managed to get them all to stay in a straight line. All 50 of them. When balloons are released at a sporting event, they may drift with the wind but they don't move into a straight line. LOL

Autographed book? Hmmm. LOL

Donna Coe-Velleman said...

You're right, they wouldn't move in a group unless they were somehow linked together. But consider this: trying to tie 50 balloons together then lighting the flares almost at the same time so the first won't burn out by the time the last one is lit is an incrdible stunt. If that's what it was or was it, you know. . . them?