Monday, March 1, 2010

What Paranormal Creature Are You?

Recently I was a featured author at Fang-tastic Books (February 2, 2010) and offered a contest for those who left a comment and said what paranormal creature they would like to be. The prize was a Free ebook of my new release Damned and Desired. I received some interesting responses. Check out Fang-tastic books, they have great interviews, contests and more. A very cool site.

Congratulations to Rosie who won the copy of Damned and Desired. I hope you enjoy the book.

The large cat family seemed to be the most popular. Maybe the sleek, sexy and powerful body of a leopard, lion, or jaguar is appealing. In Desert of the Damned, my hero Jake Montag is a mountain lion shifter. In the next book Damned and Desired his brother Brad is a leopard shifter. A number of people liked the idea of being a wolf shapeshifter. But most said they wanted to be able to switch back to human form at will.

One reader liked the idea of being Sam in the True Blood series. Hmmm. Another intriguing suggestion was a unicorn or a horse. I don’t think I ever read a story that had either of those.

My heroine Sakari in Damned and Desired is a demon but she’s also a falcon shifter. This is a form I would like because of flying and the speed. I also like the idea of being a sea gull. Flying around the beach, standing at the shoreline watching waves all day, having little old ladies toss popcorn at me doesn't seem so bad. Another reader liked the idea of a bird shifter but thought an eagle would be better because their speed, fierceness and ability to see at a great distance.

Another choice was to be a witch with all her supernatural powers. Those who liked the idea of immortality preferred to be vampires. Vampires will always be hot. I enjoy a good vampire story.

Who would you be?

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Anonymous said...

I'm most likly to be a vampire or werewolf.After
all,I eat meat and sleep all day!